From Enchanting Floral Editorials to Ethereal Sequinned Fashion

 - May 31, 2013
Infusing fantasy and surreal concepts into fashion spreads and editorials serves to create an artistically stunning theme, and these fairytale fashion styles showcases how famous childhood stories are coming to life in fashion.

Fashion is all about creating a specific type of image or concept that people can relate to, and these fairytale-inspired styles are all about infusing those nostalgic childhood memores of reading fantasy books and stories into the clothes we wear. Using those classic fairytale concepts and incorporating them into fashion lines is such a creative way for retailers to make their clothes unique and visually attractive.

From ensembles that are inspired by Little Red Riding Hood to those that reference classic Disney characters, these fairytale fashion styles are perfect for any fashionista looking to infuse some ethereal elements into their wardrobe.