Kass Dea Captures Models in an Endearing Make-Believe Setting

 - May 26, 2011
References: onesmallseed
‘Step Out of the Box and Step Into Make Believe’ by Kass Dea takes you into a world of make-believe.

From Goldilocks reading storybooks in heels to a lady in pink and black striped leggings surrounded by luxurious 60's furniture, Kass brings this breathtaking photo shoot to life by mixing cutesy themes with sensuality. Kass’ use of make-believe combines elegant and vibrant fashion and sweet fairytales together to create this colorful feast for the eyes.

This Kass Dea photoshoot draws on an adultized sense of nostalgia that has the power to reinvigorate a wide variety of famous children's stories in new and exciting ways. Which picture is most endearing to you?