Penghao Shan's Mobius Shaver Gives a Traditional Design an Artistic Twist

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: yankodesign &
The Mobius Shaver is a modern twist, quite literally, on the traditional men's razor. Inspired by the Mobius strip, which is known for its non-orientable mathematical property, the razor is a stunningly sculptural creation that concentrates as much on form as it does on function. The Mobius Shaver is something men will want to display rather than not hide in the bathroom. Despite its radical look, the Mobius Shaver is as ergonomic as the average men's razor.

Conceived by Penghao Shan, a product designer based in Hangzhou, China, the Mobius Shaver is made out of a stainless steel strip that is only one millimeter thick. The half twist in its mid-section, which gives it its name, creates tension and increased sturdiness.