- Jan 14, 2013
If your boyfriend's hair, nails or scent need some attention, these male grooming tools might be a perfect gift idea this Valentine's.

Especially in cases when men are working outdoors or in the trades, their personal hygiene can sometimes go downhill. All that dirt and dust can get in their fingernails and after working a long hard day they come home looking rough. It's not their fault, maybe they just don't have the right male grooming tools.

Get the whiskers under control with a plethora of shaving kits available in this list. There's extra flexible razors for those hard to reach hairs. Speaking of hard to reach, you can even get a back shaver if you want to get rid of some whiskers back there.

Toothbrushes are important too, because the last thing you want is to kiss your man and taste the job site.

From Nail Clippers to Shaving Kits: