- Aug 24, 2011
If you've ever been thinking about going bold with some colorful new products, summer is still here and dye jobs are a great way to show your excitement. Whether you're completely courageous and want to go nuts with a funky semi-permanent hairdo, or play it safe with some technicolored sneaks, these dye jobs can be your inspiration.

While many people assume dye jobs like these are for the totally outrageous, they can actually be a fun way for adults to mix up their monochromatic lives. That's right, this collection of shoes, hairdos, toys and technicolored fashions are suitable for all ages!

Implications - People of all ages enjoy the opportunity to divulge themselves into the unconventional. Companies that hope to appear fun-loving and fresh should consistently be providing consumers with colorful product alternatives on top of their classic black and white color themes.

From Rainbow Digital Photography to Technicolor Tresses: