From Pouting Puppies to Crying Canines

 - Jun 9, 2012
Even the most ardent of cat lovers will melt at the sight of these distressed dog finds. Puppy eyes are hard to resist. Still, in order to fully appreciate the plight of these canines, it’s helpful to know a little about them.

Scholars believe that dogs were first domesticated from wolves between 15,000 and 8,500 years ago. They have served as faithful companions ever since, helping with everything from herding to hunting. Not only that, dogs are brimming with fascinating qualities and properties.

Did you know that in proportion to its body size, a dog’s olfactory bulb is up to 40 times larger than that of a human’s? Perhaps even more amazing, some scientists consider the average canine’s intelligence to be on par with that of a two-year-old human.

The rich history and noble qualities of dogs give all the more reason to be overwhelmed with sympathy when looking at these distressed dog finds. They make one want to reach out through the screen and reassure the sad little pooches with a gentle pat on the head.