Emily Valentine Bullock's Bird Feather Dogs

 - Jan 17, 2009
References: emilyvalentine.au & telegraph
After making a budgerigar brassiere from the feathers of two deceased pets, Sydney-based artist Emily Valentine Bullock began creating these dogs using plumage from dead birds.

Her collection features bizarre creations such as a Loridoodle and a pair of Budgie Chihuahuas.

Over the last ten years, the artist has developed her technique fashioning these colorful canines from feathers from various sources including road kill, cat kill and dead pets.

The artist has recently moved to a new source of feathers: the Indian Mynah bird, which she traps in a special cage before gassing them with a car exhaust.

While the use of these feathers may be controversial, the Indian Mynah bird is a registered pest in Australia.