Slimming Pills for Overweight Dogs

 - Jan 6, 2007
The dieting and slimming craze has moved to a whole new playing field.

The world's first weight loss drug for dogs -- yes, dogs -- has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Slentrol, made by pharma giant Pfizer, is intended to reduce appetite and increase fat absorption in canines. It should be available in the spring and is expected to cost around $1 to $2 dollars per day.

There are 65 million dogs in the US, with nearly 40% of all households owning one. Studies show that 5% of them are obese and another 20-30% are overweight. Apparently, these dogs are eating too many cheeseburgers.

So there it is, people. If the human market for your products is saturated, start marketing your products at another species.