Clever Creature Comforts and Scientific Breakthroughs

 - Apr 9, 2009
Most people love animals. Even those who dismiss pet ownership may be awe-inspired by wildlife.

Pets can offer unconditional affection and loyalty that is not as abundant in our human friends. Animals are ever-accepting and unusually delighted by being fed on a regular basis.

Wild animals remind us that we are not the only earthly creatures who depend upon the earth. They act as living expressions of our desire for freedom and independence, and of life’s dramas.

Livestock and other domesticated animals help us with our work, plowing fields, testing medical compounds and procedures, and assisting us to simply get around.

It should be of little wonder then that we want to give back to them when they are sick or injured, that we want to make their lives full and happy as they do ours. 

Following is a compilation of some of the things we do for, and to animals. Most are related to science and medicine, but a few are simply creature comforts.