Eco-Friendly Desert Transit Concepts For Doctors On Call

 - Feb 11, 2009
If you found yourself in the desert and in need of medical attention, traditionally you would have been in quite a tough situation. Not any more; based on the design of a student at the University of Pforzheim, help will find its way to your tight spot in the desert, and in style indeed.

The concept relies on the desert’s most traditional mode of transportation, the trusty old camel, and features a "baja" and a "seji." The baja is a lightweight sporty vehicle that comfortably accommodates the doctor in transit; the seji is a mounting structure meant for carrying either a patient or the necessary medical equipment. Integrated technology includes special Desert Grip wheels, a robust suspension system for the rough desert routes and a built-in GPS for tracking purposes.

Resembling a high-tech carriage, this emergency dromedary concept is an optimal green vehicle in medical disguise - and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the younger generation of such urban areas seizing its reigns for a ride.