From Luxury Undergarments to Opulent Estates

 - Dec 6, 2011
It's hard to imagine in the current economic climate that companies are churning out multi-million dollar designs. With not much disposable income available these days, consumers are still being offered opulent items that only the super-wealthy can afford.

Everyone likes to splurge on a coveted item, which they desire. Be it a fashionable pair of pumps or luxury automobile, multi-million dollar designs will always prompt consumers to save up for something they crave. However, there is an enormous amount of luxury items, abodes and creations that can easily break the bank. Some of the multi-million dollar designs to hit the market in recent years include $1 million bottle of fine cognac, $130 million sailboats and $8 million diamond encrusted smartphones. Other quirky luxury items include $3 million couture bras and $5 million aquariums.

Regardless of taste or style, there is surely enough multi-million dollar designs out there just in case you hit the lottery.