The Acabion GTBO VIII is Super Efficient With a Top Speed of 370 Miles an Hour

 - Jan 28, 2011
References: ubergizmo & bornrich
The sleek and expensive Acabion GTBO VIII could very well be the future of travel.

Acabion believes their design is 20 times more efficient than any other EV on the road today -- a boast that, if true, will change the game of eco-transportation. Most exciting, however, is the theory that the Acabion GTBO VIII could one day be used on vast intercontinental tube highways, which would allow great distances in a fraction of the time it takes now.

In fact, the company's owner Peter Maskus believes that as soon as 2100, humanity could be zipping from San Francisco to Prague at 20.000 kph on these "traffic internets" using the Acabion GTBO VIII.