More Music for Animals

 - Apr 15, 2007   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: bumperstickermagnet
We have had music scientifically designed for dogs, but I am loving PandoMusic which is Classical Music for Dogs and Cats. The makers use instruments that produce sounds at certain frequencies which are particularly appealing to your pet. Anything that will help make my cats happier has got to be worth a try. Especially when they are as attention seeking as Fish (pictured). Have bought & will report back.

Implications - Now, we've all heard of how playing classical music for your newborn children may help them develop into more intelligent (or, at the very least, cultured) adolescents and eventually adults, so why wouldn't classical music have the same effect on your animals? Even if it doesn't make that much of an influence on their lives, classical music is peaceful and serene. Who wouldn't benefit from hearing more of it?