Lawn Biscuits for Dogs Save Grass

 - Mar 29, 2008   Updated: Jun 21 2011
References: petedge
Tired of Fido turning your grass yellow when he does his business out back? Fret no more. Lawn Biscuits from Healthy Baker promises to prevent lawn burn by adjusting the pH of your dog's urine. You feed them every day (how many depends on how big your dog is) and before long, those pesky yellow spots become a thing of the past. My favorite part? The "mouth-watering" taste.

Implications - Dogs who have had the the lawn biscuits can't get enough of them! The treats are made is all-natural ingredients and are made to be crunchy. There are no artificial colors, added preservatives and no soy or sugar. There are real peanuts inside of the treats, so if you have allergies beware. The treats come in a handy resealable container to keep in the freshness.