Red Cross Classes for First Responders to Animal Emergencies

 - Apr 9, 2009
References: msnbc.msn & neighborhoodnotes
Many don’t know that the Red Cross offers pet first aid classes. The classes can be cat- or dog-centric and include basic emergency care for pets. Other organizations also offer horse first aid classes.  

Emergency recognition, assessment, CPR, and bleeding control are among the topics typically covered. Many Red Cross chapters teach students to perform CPR and rescue breathing with specially modified stuffed animals: Think Annie, the human CPR doll with fur.

The pet mannequins allow practice without animal injury, as it is possible to crack an animal’s ribs with CPR. Making emergency muzzles out of cloth strips is also a learned skill. Normally docile animals in pain may bite.

Classes are available from the Red Cross and organizations like PetTech: it offers an 8-hour PetSaver Program class.