The Amigo Dog Wheelchair Lets Paralyzed Pooches Live Life to the Fullest

 - Aug 21, 2011
References: yankodesign
The word "cute" is not often used to describe a wheelchair, but the Amigo Dog Wheelchair is about to change all of that. Designed by Nir Shalom, Amigo is a flexible wheelchair designed for small dogs.

The Amigo Dog Wheelchair lets paralyzed pooches walk, sit or run without the assistance of their owner. The wheelchair may make dogs look ridiculously cute, but don't be fooled, this wheelchair is built Tonka Tough. The demo video featured here proves this, as the Amigo is shown being dragged downstairs and ran endlessly along rough-looking pavement.

Here's hoping that the Amigo Dog Wheelchair will go from concept to reality sometime soon. Paralyzed pups have just as much gas left in the tank as able-bodied dogs, they just need a good set of wheels to get going again.