The Biolan Icelett Chills Human Waste to Eliminate Smells

 - Apr 8, 2012
References: & designbuzz
Composting toilets are a great eco-friendly alternative to water-wasting ones, but the smell and cleanup often outweigh the environmental benefits; the Biolan Icelett toilet provides an interesting solution. Instead of letting human waste sit there to rot even further, issuing a rank stench in the process, the Biolan Icelett toilet freezes it.

The Biolan Icelett toilet is equipped with a refrigerator that chills the waste down to -15 degrees Celsius. Not only does it stop the smell, it also kills bacteria. Requiring no vent pipes or drains, the Biolan Icelett toilet is fairly comfortable to sit on. The manufacturers write, "Thanks to the heat lock formed by the condensing air, the Icelett is pleasant to sit on, and the seat does not feel cold."