From Haute Barbie Hairdos to Haute Dolltography the Toy is Iconic

 - Jul 30, 2012
These Barbie Doll Interpretations are a testament to the staying power of the iconic toy's appeal.

The figurine has inspired a slew of recreations, ranging from impressive to somewhat strange. These one-of-a-kind depictions are highly groundbreaking in their attempts to modernize a recognizable toy that has been part of cultural childhood.

Barbie is a representation of beauty and image ideals. She is being modified into plus size, haute, and burka-wearing versions that redefine notions of female grace and merit. The iconic nature of Barbie and what she represents makes her the perfect medium not only for cutting edge fashion creations, but also to shock with politically charged messages.

The pop culture icon will remain a source of fan-created art, fashion and innovations as it is appreciated by mass culture.