These Shocking Mariel Clayton Barbie Dioramas Will Blow Your Mind

For anyone who has ever suspected that Barbie's life seems just a little too ideal, these Mariel Clayton Barbie dioramas might shed some light on the skeletons in the closet behind her inexhaustible supply of outfits, hot pink convertibles and ever-expanding dream mansions.

Detailing a series of increasingly gruesome and macabre scenes, these Mariel Clayton Barbie dioramas show that there is no limit to the deviously dangerous debauchery that America's perfect doll sweetheart is capable of.

From cannibalism to drunken murder scenes to religious sacrifices, this collection does not shy away from controversy but rather openly embraces it. Needless to say, after checking out these horrifically captivating Mariel Clayton Barbie dioramas, you will never look at the supposedly innocent iconic blonde doll quite the same ever again.