- Jul 3, 2013
The Dexter final season is upon us, bringing the lives of some of the most beloved television characters in history to a close. Everyone from the potty-mouthed lieutenant Deborah Morgan to the serial killer murderer Dexter Moran will be saying their goodbyes in a few short weeks. In celebration of the show's eight-year stint as one of the top-rated television shows on the air, many people have created serial killer-inspired accessories that bring out the Dexter in everyone.

One such bloody and gore-ridden accessory is a pair of blood-spattered running shoes. These sick kicks are from Nike and feature a stunningly clean body, speckled with dots of blood. Since Dexter is a blood splatter analyst, these running shoes are a perfect way to pay tribute to him. Another serial killer-esque accessory is the mass murderer garment, which is basically a kitchen apron that looks like Dexter's 'kill outfit.' In other words, it consists of a leather apron, once again splattered with blood. This is the same type of apron that Dexter wears when he's out to kill someone.

With these incredibly creative (and morbid) accessories, even the meekest and most innocent of people can express their dark side. Wearing something like a pair of blood-spattered running shoes, or a serial killer apron is sure to make your 'dark passenger' very happy.

In Celebration of the Dexter Final Season: