The Five Finger Fillet Steak Knife Set is Inspired by the Risky Game

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: ricsb & thegreenhead
Inspired by the chilling bar room game, the Five Finger Fillet Steak Knife Set will send shivers down guests' spines. The 5-finger fillet game is a true life and death test of concentration and hand-eye coordination. Using a knife or sharp object, players attempt to hit the table between their fingers at blaring speeds.

This sinister blade block protects chefs from their knives, rather than encouraging risky party tricks -- though some will still dare to take on the challenge. Designed by Raffaele Iannello, the knife set comes with six blades and a station block in three colors: red, white and black. A sleek metallic hand rests dangerously on top of the wood-like block, pierced by the glimmering steel knives.

If you are looking for a wicked kitchen accessory, the Five Finger Fillet Steak Knife Set will have guests sitting at the edge of their seats.