The Sinister Black Rhino Jason Hoodie by Marc Ecko

 - Nov 18, 2009   Updated: Jul 18 2011
References: shopecko & likecool
Th Black Rhino Jason Hoodie By Marc Ecko is a frightening sweatshirt that could double as a year-round Halloween costume. The obvious inspiration and namesake for the hoodie are the ‘Friday the 13th’ movie series and its main character--and master of horror--Jason.

The Jason Hoodie retails for $98. It is a full zip-up hoodie with breathing holes and mesh eyeholes, making for a stylish and eerie spin on the bellaclava.

Implications - Consumers in the modern sphere are looking for more shocking designs. Only the most unconventional aesthetics are appealing to contemporary customers who have seen so many different styles already. Creating more of these items could help a company increase their appeal.