The FACETASM Chainsaw Bag Has a Killer Instinct

Walking into a room with the FACETASM Chainsaw Bag is the perfect way to cut the tension. With an accessory such as this, it is no surprise that the Japanese fashion brand FACETASM has been making such large waves since its inspiring 2012 Spring/Summer runway show. This high-impact satchel design debuted to become a show stopper.

The surprisingly chic bag won’t leave anyone a fashion victim, but rather proves that chainsaws aren’t just for serial killers like Leatherface. The company uses premium leather to recreate a chainsaw that is available in either a light caramel yellow or jet black.

Fashion is a cut-throat industry and this bag is for anyone with true killer instincts. The FACETASM Chainsaw Bag can be yours for approximately $2,249 USD.

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