Cutting Up Knives Breathes New Life into Discarded Kitchen Tools

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: cuttingupknives & incrediblethings
The company Cutting Up Knives is a re-production company that breathes new life into discarded knives and repurposes them as bottle openers. Have you ever gotten irrationally attached to inanimate objects before? As serial killer as it sounds, I'm sure there are a great many chefs and home cooks out there that view their knives as another appendage. When it's time to let go of the knife that has been in corner through so many meals, it can be hard to let go. Cutting Up Knives promises that even if you and your knife must part ways, your knife will go on to lead a rich full life with another family. It's kind of like a pound.

All joking aside, Cutting Up Knives has provided an ecological solution for dull knives everywhere. Using pre-loved and defective knives, Cutting Up Knives helps keep the landfill free of unwanted kitchen tools. A lowly butter knife can go onto a fulfilling action-packed career as a bottle opener, because I'm willing to bet a bottle opener sees a lot more action than your average piece of cutlery.

So, stop mourning over your favorite chefs knife that can't cut a banana and send it on over to Cutting Up Knives where a bright future awaits.