- Jun 22, 2013
With the long weekends happening throughout the year, it's definitely becoming more and more important to have fun and functional drinking accessories on hand for any pool parties or barbecues you might be having -- especially bottle popper openers. With these products, no party guest will ever be left without a means of opening their drinks again.

Some of these wild bottle poppers are quirky and comical, like the luchador-inspired beer opener. This bottle opener looks like a Mexican wrestler, complete with the bright-colored uniform and mask. Another funny bottle opener channels some fiery fierceness, as it's shaped like a mythical dragon, its gaping jaws and pointed teeth ready to bite into your beer, setting it free for your party needs.

Whether you're headed to a casual get-together or a full-blown party, these bottle poppers are a fantastic way to both get a conversation going and make your drinks party-ready.

From Skeletal Bottle Popper Finds to Mancessory Openers: