The Bottle Opener Ice Bucket is the Ideal Picnic Tool

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: singulier & newinventions.patsnap
The Bottle Opener Ice Bucket, designed by Thierry d'Istria, is here to answer the party question: "Does anyone know where the bottle opener is?"

When one gets tossed a beer, no one wants to be concerned with having to rummage around looking for a bottle opener.  Furthermore, metal bottle caps are not the easiest to remove without the proper tool. You can try a knife, the edge of a table or even your teeth, but as you will learn, there is really no way getting around finding that bottle opener.

The Bottle Opener Ice Bucket is a handy gadget that essentially combines the traditional ice bucket design with the expressed need for a bottle opener. The stainless steel-made ice bucket can hold about 15 bottles of any alcoholic beverage (also promising to keep one’s beverages cool) with the bottle openers placed all around the rim. 

Therefore, with the Bottle Opener Ice Bucket, the next time beer and ice are involved, forget about that pesky bottle opener issue.