The Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench Supports Bicycling and Boozing

 - Jul 12, 2012
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If a social cyclist could clasp just one tool to the frame of his bike, would it not be the Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench? This implement enables you to carry out a number of bike maintenance tasks, as well as to reward you for a job well done.

This little utensil would come in handy anytime your destination is a friend's house or a nice picnic spot in the park. One end of it may be designed to deal with nuts and bolts, but the other is optimized for cracking open cold ones.

The Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench comes with a pair of screws that can be easily loosened with your fingers. They can fix the bottle opener to the frame of your bicycle so that it's visible and handy whenever it's needed.