i-Ecko Bottle Opener Condones Drinking and Surfing the Web

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: amazon & coolmaterial
Have a beer with you in the cubicle, but it's not a twist off nor do you know any cool party tricks to open it? Fear not, the i-Ecko Bottle Opener is here to save you.

The i-Ecko Bottle Opener is a practical little gadget that acts as a USB and a cap popper. It's waterproof and it's actually made from eco-friendly stainless steel. In terms of technical aspects, the flash drive has a 2GB capability. While that may not be enough for certain people, let's be honest, you're really using this for the other end.

I love the idea of the i-Ecko Bottle Opener because of its dual practicality. Just remember that if you're using this in front of your computer to not overdo the drinking. Drunken Facebook updates and tweets will come back with a vengeance.