Bauhaus Titanium Carabiners Serve Their Purpose in Chic Style

 - Apr 6, 2013
References: kickstarter & coolmaterial
Sometimes the simplest of products end up being the most coveted and the Bauhaus Titanium Carabiners are what has to be the most finely crafted, yet classic key rings I've ever encountered. Keys are an essential part of the day to day; you need them for your house, car, locker, office and a plethora of different odds and ends. As such, keeping them on hand and easily accessible is a must.

The Bauhaus Titanium Carabiners offer a streamlined silhouette that's totally ready for being clipped right onto your belt loop or a bag. They're made of unibody titanium, brushed to perfection in a variety of different styles and some even come complete with a bottle opener incorporated.

Key chains can say a lot about a person, yet they're usually an after thought. Bauhaus Titanium Carabiners can help finish off the look by taking care of the minor details.