Corkscrew by Josh Owen Makes the Act of Pouring a Drink Even More Enjoyable

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: joshowen & blog.leibal
Drinking alcohol is seldom done if not for pleasure. A bottle opener called Corkscrew by Josh Owen really captures the notion of enjoyment with a nostalgic symbol that's familiar from your innocent and underage life.

A whimsical wind-up mechanism that you might find on a vintage mobile toy has been appropriated into a playful de-corking implement. Embodying this idea of a simpler time and a simpler way, the utensil is manually operated without the fancy levers and guides. Twist away in anticipation and your until the spiraling metal goes all the way through the stopper. Once the neck has been opened, you can reseal the bottle temporarily with the set's additional accessory. Corkscrew by Josh Owen comes with a second figure-eight fastener with a plug at its tip.