The Hayden Wood Living Doll Series is Bewitching

 - Sep 20, 2011
References: haydenwoodphotography & designyoutrust
Vancouver-based photographer Hayden Wood transforms his models into living dolls, thanks to some clever makeup tricks, unnatural posing and a whole lot of retouching. These astounding images evoke an essence of childhood familiarity, while the reality of the images are enough to make you a touch uneasy. Their vacant expressions and the seemingly painful positioning of the models’ limbs may have you heading for the hills, but the sheer artistic skill apparent in these photos will keep you wanting more.

Wood’s retouching is jaw-dropping. His subjects’ complexions appear shiny and waxy, and their eyes are widened convincingly to imitate the over-sized, Disney-like features of a classic Barbie doll. Not only did Wood get the look of Barbie down pat, he also captured the emptiness of a doll’s life. There is little else to do than dress in the latest doll-friendly fashions and strike a pose. A doll’s life is as vacant as their eyes, unless a little imagination is applied. The Living Doll series by Hayden Wood inspires awe, a little fear and a whole lot of respect for this photo-wizard.