- Apr 21, 2019
The April 2019 luxury trends cover an extensive portion of each industry — from fashion and retail to cuisine and skincare. Of course, some stand out more than others and one product that falls under this category is Oak Door's limited edition gigantic burger that costs about $ 900 USD and is created in honor of the Crown Prince of Japan.

From the world of high-fashion, designers are infusing the luxury aesthetic with something a little bit more accessible — second-hand clothing, for example. CMMN SWDN embraces digital complexity and the appeal of pre-owned clothing for its Fall/Winter 2019 presentation.

Finally, as wedding season is almost upon us, the April 2019 luxury round-up boasts a number of luxe-focused bridal products like the THEIA Fall 2019 runway and Galleria's high-end wedding festival.

From Luxe Streetwear Exercise Lines to Luxury Wedding Festivals: