TGIMAGE STUDIO's for GRAZIA is Truly Mesmerizing

 - Mar 29, 2019
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When leafing through a magazine, it is always interesting to survey through the luxurious fashion editorials as they usually incorporate a theme of some sort and are presented in a masterfully curated composition. Moreover, the series typically calls attention to certain designer products that are fairing well within the industry and the photos themselves are bold enough to relate a certain narrative.

TGIMAGE STUDIO is tapped to produce a luxurious fashion editorial for GRAZIA's 397th issue. Much like any storytelling experience — visual or non, the series bears a name. In this particular instance, it is 'The Rules of Game.' Now, TGIMAGE STUDIO's amazingly luxurious fashion editorial chooses to play with space as the model is presented in seemingly gravity-defying situations which call attention not only to the fashion but also to the model's relation to space.

Photo Credits: 徐晓伟