- Apr 28, 2019
The range of April 2019 luxury fashion ideas is full of premium touches that make the products and services feel more elite. The mainstay of the list spotlights high-quality construction, allowing for the fashion ideas to have longevity not only through its design but also through the sturdiness of its makeup.

Luxury fashion house Gucci's Grip collection of timepieces boast unisex designs in order to deliver versatile elements, comprised of both automatic and contemporary exteriors. The design inspiration lies in the 70s, which again proves the timelessness of a well-thought-out design. French fashion house Louis Vuitton also follows suit this month with its Les Colognes collection, featuring fragrances that are developed for both sexes. It aims to capture a summery essence and comes in three scents in total.

From Unisex Timepiece Designs to Unisex Fragrance Lines: