From Contactless Payment Jewelry to Intelligent Coffee Mugs

 - Nov 28, 2015
These November 2015 gadgets range from contactless payment rings to intelligent coffee mugs that retain the freshness of one's morning brew. In addition to on-the-go accessories like compact mugs and eco-friendly device chargers, other standouts include smartwatches that resemble stylish luxury timepieces -- without losing sight of tech-savvy capabilities.

More notable examples include smart planter systems that remind users when to feed plants along with soil-free gardens that are ideal for urban dwellers who have limited access to outdoor green spaces. When examining the month's health devices, these November 2015 gadgets include portable medication reminders and water bottle additives that remind users to keep hydrated during the day or while working out.

Furthermore, examples like miniature device sensors help users avoid lost electronics while locating those misplaced at home.