The Orifuji Dispenses and Folds Bathroom Toilet Paper in Stalls

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: adbanq &
In Japan bathroom toilet paper etiquette is a standard practice and the Orifuji device helps to systematize this practice with an automated paper dispensing device that cuts the bath tissue to size and folds it into a clean point for the next person's use. The Orifuji design is set to be used in bathrooms throughout Japan for the 2020 Olympic games being held in Tokyo.

The Orifuji device is a rectangular machine that houses several rolls of bathroom tissue at a time. Once the paper is pulled out, another perfectly portioned piece is sliced, folded with an elegant triangle point and ready to use in seconds. The automated feature on this device eliminates handling of the tissue keeping it clean and sanitary while enhancing presentation.