The 'Nora' is a Device That Gently Turns Your Head to Prevent Snoring

 - Oct 25, 2015
References: smartnora & kickstarter
'Nora' is a non-invasive snoring solution meant to help both snorers and those sleeping next to them. The innovative device comes with a comfortable pillow insert that tucks neatly into your pillow and is connected to its bedside pump. This is accompanied by a small round device that acts as a sensor and can be placed anywhere near your bed.

Throughout the night as you snore, the insert gently moves your pillow using an inflatable system powered by a mini pump. Silently and gently moving your head stimulates your throat muscles to relax. This gentle motion forces your airways to assume their natural position and breath normally -- snore free.

The accompanying Nora app provides detailed information on your overnight activity, including the reduction of snoring time. The app also shows how Nora was activated throughout the night where loud snoring was prevented.