The Ember Coffee Mugs Keep Coffee At the Ideal Temperature

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: embertech & gizmag
The Ember coffee mugs are highly intelligent and high-tech devices, offered by California-based Ember Technologies, that are designed to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature for around two hours. The mugs uses special phase-change heat and cooling technology to optimize the temperature of your brew so that it won't scald your lips or indeed be disappointingly lukewarm when you sip on it.

These coffee mugs work in conjunction with a companion app, that notifies you via your smartphone when your beverage has cooled sufficiently to drink. They take a proactive approach by bringing your drink down to the pre-set temperature rather than waiting for it to cool naturally. It also allows you to set different temperatures for different beverages.

Ultimately, this product proves that even the simple act of drinking coffee can be made more convenient and enjoyable via the use of technology.