The DogStar TailTalk Translates Tail-Wagging Into Emotions

 - Oct 8, 2015
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The DogStar TailTalk is a wearable device that uses an array of sensors to track and translate the movements of dogs' tails, ultimately translating those movements into emotions that their owner can understand and respond to.

While dog owners will rightly claim that they have a good idea of how their dogs are feeling at any given time, there is a bit of guesswork involved at times, and that's taken out of the equation by the TailTalk.

The device is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth and secures safely around the dog's tail. As the dog goes about doing dog things, the device records tail position and movement and translates them into emotions, which are conveyed to the dog's owner via a mobile app.

Us humans haven't been using wearable technology for very long, but it's only fair that man's best friend get in on the action too.