The Optoma NuForce BE6 Earphones Offer High Sound Quality

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: optomausa & gizmag
The Optoma NuForce BE6 earphones were designed to well and truly put paid to the popular theory -- one that is regularly proven correct, mind you -- that Bluetooth headphones can never quite match the high fidelity and all round high quality of audio offered up by traditional cable-dangling varieties of headphones.

Traditionally, people who wanted to get rid of their cable headphones in order to be better able to listen to music on the go with Bluetooth headphones had to make do with very significant and discernible drops in sound quality, made worse by the presence of constant background hiss and irritating pops and audio dropouts. However, Bluetooth technology has been catching up fast, as is evident from the Optoma NuForce BE6 earphones.

These headphones are stylish and are a lot smaller than most leading Bluetooth headphones but most importantly, they pack high audio quality to match quality cable headphones.