The Fretlocks Allow Guitarists to Change the Pitch of Each String

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: fretlocks & gizmag
The Fretlocks are a range of guitar accessories that are designed to allow you to change the pitch of individual instruments. Guitarists often use a capo to raise the pitch of their instrument and still enjoy the ability to play familiar chord shapes and fingerings, but the advantage of the Fretlocks is that it makes it possible to select a unique starting point for each and every string

These accessories come in three string gauge sizes, and are installed by moving a string out the way just slightly and placing a Fretlock on the fingerboard at the required position. The selected string is then locked between the upper blades of the Fretlock using the supplied rocker gadget.

The Fretlocks are clearly a smartly designed offering, and allow guitarists to access a whole new range of possible melodies and chord structures.