- May 18, 2019
The May 2019 retail trends cover a variety of quick service restaurant expansions and menu additions, in-store shopping experiences that aim to draw consumers in, unique pop-ups, and interactive mirrors that make shopping more efficient and personalized.

An example of the latter includes the AR mirrors from Flow Akaline Spring Water and MemoMi. The mirrors were added to make grocery stores more interactive and promote the water brand's new product. When shoppers stand in front of the mirrors, they're prompted to choose a "superpower" that matches with one of the brand's new water flavors. When they choose a power, the mirror covers them in a matching cape, mask and badge.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis last year, Toronto has finally received its first dispensaries, with The Honey Pot being the very first to open its doors. The dispensary has an aesthetic focus that greatly enhances the buying experience, with a polished interior that's complete with transparent sample jars that allow shoppers to look at and smell the different flower strains before they buy.

From Simplified Late-Night QSR Menus to Isolated Ocean Taco Bars: