- Feb 21, 2015
These February 2015 sports trends range from gamified spin classes to fast activewear fashions. Inspired by the popularity of fitness apps, gym owners and personal trainers are creating gamified and competitive workout classes. These sessions push athletes to surpass their fitness goals and are more fun than an incentive-free workout.

In the technology realm, the CES 2015 event in Las Vegas featured an abundance of fitness-focused devices and wearable tech products that blended style with practicality. In addition to fitness trackers, these February 2015 sports trends include waterproof audio accessories and life-saving cycling jackets that are infused with built-in LEDs.

When looking at performancewear, fashion and sports retailers are embracing comfort and aesthetics when creating their latest collections. While Nike and Adidas products are designed to enhance athletic performance, designs by fast fashion giant H&M prove that high performance doesn't have to come at a high cost.

From Gamified Spin Classes to Fast Activewear Fashion: