The Altra Halo Smart Shoe Helps You Understand Your Technique

 - Jan 23, 2015
References: ifit & gizmag
The Altra Halo is a smart shoe, designed for runners, that helps you improve your running game. This shoe is integrated with a sensor that measures various aspects of your gait before sending information to your smartphone or iFit GPS watch. While most other performance-tracking products are designed to help you analyze and reflect on your run after it's done, Altra Halo is pretty unique in that it helps you make modifications during your workout itself.

These smart shoes are embedded with a paper-thin sensor that measures cadence, foot strike zone and ground force impact, before transmitting the information to your device to help you get feedback in real time.

While many running trackers focus on things like speed and distance, Altra Halo is great because it actually helps you work on your running technique.