This Concussion Sensor Monitors the Effects of Cranial Impacts on Your Brain

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: linxias & mashable
The makers of this concussion sensor strove to make uncertainty around brain injuries less of a guessing game. BlackBox Biometrics developed their Linx Impact Assessment System to track the brain activity of the wearer while he or she is engaged in contact sports. Weighing as much as a nickel, the wafer-thin device can be comfortably donned beneath a helmet, within a headband's small pocket.

Any football, rugby or hockey player can instantly get feedback following a hit to the head by pressing a button on the LinxIAS. A green, yellow or red light indicates the relative severity of a bump, letting the athlete know whether he should continue with the game or not. The concussion sensor does much more than this, however. Equipped with a compact gyroscope and accelerator, it can send and log detailed data to the player's own phone, or that of his family on the sidelines.