- Apr 20, 2019
From in-store activations to boutiques designed entirely for kids, the April 2019 retail trends demonstrate a new focus on the shoppers of the future.

With the next generation of consumers growing up in the age of online shopping, retailers are forced to think about new ways to market the in-store experience. In some cases, this means creating stores specifically for kids, like the Camp store in New York City, which is designed to be "fun and Instagrammable."

In other cases, brands are attempting to draw kids into more traditional stores with pop-up activations and special events. As the April 2019 retail trends demonstrate, these activations can be as simple as brands like Footlocker displaying more kid-friendly apparel brands in stores. On the other hand, retailers like Hemleys have launched Harry Potter activations that included theatrical in-store experiences like wands, broomsticks, and sorting hat demonstrations.

From Wizardly Toy Store Activations to AI-Powered Skincare Boutiques: