- Apr 27, 2019
The April 2019 modern round-up covers extensive ground, constantly touching upon products, campaigns, and aesthetics in the design and architecture industries.

One of the areas in which the modern movement is definitely going strong is within the parameters of architectural practices and interior design arrangments. We are seeing a consistent array of ultra-minimalist and contemporary living abodes that pride themselves with balanced, uninterrupted styles, open-concept layouts, and compact features — from London-based Vine Architecture Studio's whimsically accented rooftop apartment to Estúdio 41's highly compact and eco-conscious residence in Brazil.

Of course, the April 2019 modern movement designs outgrow the category of the contemporary home and include implications for commercial spaces, restaurants, cafes, offices, bakeries and more. The remaining products include furniture and some decorative homeware.

From Concrete Stepped Cafe Designs to Ultra-Modern Office Interiors: