The Spirits of Innovation Will Light Up When Someone Has an Idea

 - Apr 3, 2019
The Spirits of Innovation is a light art installation that was designed to make the space more meaningful for everyone who works in the department. Living Spirits, an artist collective based in Bangkok, designed the display as a tribute to the innovators or creative professionals who are relentlessly creating new works.

It was designed so every team member could submit ideas to a custom website and enjoy the motion of a light show. The submissions will be sent to a monitor, and the crystal will light up accordingly.

The light show visualizes the crystallization process during the making of an innovative idea or product - starting from gathering all ideas and possibilities, brainstorming, and shining after the idea comes to light.

In addition, this light display can be used as a tool to call up for a meeting, a customized greeting, changing the mood from work space to a dance party, or even transforming itself to a vintage game of ‘Pong’ arena that everyone on the team can play after work.

The ultimate purpose of this installation is to create a space where employees can share an idea, mission, and co-create the company’s culture in an innovative way.