- Apr 19, 2019
The April 2019 furniture pieces boast function-forward silhouettes, incredibly stylish designs and a number of unexpected creative turns.

Humberto and Fernando Campana — also known as the Campana Brothers, are at the helm of aesthetic weirdness. The duo recently debuted an ornamental 13 piece collection that built on the mythology of Noah's Arc. The silhouettes mimic surrealism through detailed accents and rich textures.

Building on the concept of exhibit-friendly furniture is Chinese design studio Lewu. The firm released the 'Borrowing for Birth' collection. In it, the pieces were accented with foam, adding a definite bubbly texture. Finally, the April 2019 furniture list also spotlights an imaginative lighting installation by Lambert & Fils & Adrien Rovero who structure the space to fit the ambiance of campfires.

From Patchwork Textile Chairs to Woven Bamboo Light Shades: