NeoMam and BudgetDirect Reimagine Posters Created by Apple

 - Mar 15, 2019
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These travel poster concepts are a playful exploration of Apple's creative and clever marketing techniques and they showcase how the practices of one of the most dominant brands today can be applied to other industries. In this case, creative design studio NeoMam works with BudgetDirect to create powerful and hypothetical ad campaigns for popular travel destinations — from an alleyway in Melbourne, Australia that spotlights the city's rich graffiti culture to an incredibly minimalist representation of a baked ka'ak to promote Egypt.

Like the inspiration, the travel poster concepts are incredibly design-forward and eye-captivating through style and alluring simplicity. Other countries spotlighted in NeoMam and BudgetDirect's project include Athens, France, Japan, Bolivia, the U.S., Tanzania, and England.

Images: Featured with Permission